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The UAE has a lot of buildings, cars, malls, roads, “infrastructure” for humans to use, entertain themselves and be merry with. But HARDLY anything for animals, an ill kept zoo, a sanctuary where you can’t even leave animals and people who are generally heartless when it comes to animals (specially) – like dropping cats and dogs on SZR and film it before it dies…

Words fail to describe my pain and anguish but the following just propelled me to action.

A few days back I bought a few chicks and a chicken from Sharjah Birds and Animals market, the chicken died the next day, she was sick, and no wonder, if you look at the pictures of HOW these animals are kept, you wouldn’t wonder either. The dead ones (hamsters, rabbits, chickens, you name it) REMAINED in the cage, rather the NARROW overstuffed cages where the others played along. Hygiene is a word they probably haven’t heard. I couldn’t see any vets or concern thereof.

Anyway I went back last night and fought the shopkeeper, I asked him to give me the small chicks which were sick or dying so I could free them so they die in the open air then as caged animals, he agreed and I have now EIGHT chicks for adoption, one of them has a problem in his legs, she or he can hardly stand up, crawls, and I’ve given him water myself, his picture is in the header, I need someone with a villa to take care of them, I live in an apartment at the Gardens so I can’t cage them as it goes against my, and am sure, their wish. If they have, even a small piece of land / lawn to roam in I bet they will survive and grow to be loving chicken.┬áVicky (and her husband Sam), in the UK, paid thousands of Pounds for Lily, her chicken, the story might motivate some with a big heart and a lawn…┬áPleasespread the word via newspapers or online to find willing foster parents for these beautiful and amazing animals… and ALSO to REGULATE and MAINTAIN the animal market, I volunteer to help, the PROBLEM with UAE is SOLE focus on LICENSING and FEES then on regulation and oversight that is humane then “FINE ORIENTED” which is why animals suffer, what to speak of humans… the animal market needs to be made a lawfully profitable venture for its owners by reducing licensing fees where required to help them improve sanitary and animal healthcare conditions, I need help to make it all happen, people who care and have the intention to act as well.

If you could help, just call me on +971 55 8094119 or email imranokazmi@eim.ae to coordinate their pick up, I have feed which should last them a month easily. About me, my name is Imran Owais Kazmi, I’m a world peace and love activist and a management consultant based out of Dubai, UAE.

Chicks for adoption and Sharjah Animal market condition: